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Elms School

Elms School

Welcome to P1


Within P1 there is a range of year 1 to year 3, all working at a variety of levels. 

During term 4, I (Miss Poole) am looking to get each child within the class engaged and excited to learn. I will hopefully do this by making the lessons as hands on as possible. For example, in English they will be asked to use their own imagination to create their own version of the book we have chosen for that week. 

I am  really looking forward to see what investigations we can do with light and shadows this term, I feel that this is a way to get the class more involved and interested with their learning.

With all the time being out of school during lock down, I’m looking to increase their time to interact with peers. This will enable them to have the time to increase on their social skills and develop positive relationships with peers and adults.

I am really looking forward to embed the reading a lot after lunch to enable and encourage the class to start, and get excited about reading.