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Elms School



At Elms School our aim is to ensure that all learners feel part of a supportive community. 

This whole-school approach to inclusion is intended to form part of a ‘Curriculum for life’; which will enable all of our learners to become successful and productive members of society. Additionally, this promotes positive outcomes in school, as evidence suggests that improvements in learners’ behaviour, social and emotional development often results in higher levels of engagement. As a result, we offer a range of interventions designed to support the individual needs of all of our learners.

Currently, we offer a range of interventions which include: English and Maths interventions, speech and language therapy (SALT), as well as LEGO therapy. In addition, we have been recognised as one of the pioneering schools in the local area for delivering THRIVE; a dynamic programme for supporting the emotional development of learners. However, interventions are regularly reviewed and other necessary or beneficial programmes may be added in the future.

A combination of research, professional experience and in-school assessments are effectively used to ensure the delivery of quality provision and inform future practice. This continuous cycle of assessment ensures that the needs and development of pupils are recognised, and personalised support is provided.

The contact person for SEN is our Assistant Headteachers for Inclusion- Mrs Mount (Secondary) and Miss Worman (Primary).