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Elms School

Pupil Absence


All absences from school are required by law to be authorised by parents. This means that parents should phone into the school office by 8:30am on the first morning of absence and keep the school updated on a daily basis of any further absence. Any absence not authorised in this way has to be recorded as ‘unauthorised’. In a Special School, absence rates tend to be higher than mainstream schools as pupils can have periods of ill health, hospital appointments etc, however the same reporting procedures and expectations of attendance are made of pupils of Elms School as their mainstream peers.  


Parents/carers are required to get permission from the Headteacher to take a child out of school during term time.

This can only be done if:

  • An application is made to the Headteacher in advance. 
  • There are exceptional circumstances.

Exceptional circumstances could include:

  • Service personnel returning from a tour of duty abroad where it is evidenced the individual will not be in receipt of any leave in the near future that coincides with school holidays.
  • Where an absence from school is recommended by a health professional as part of a parent or child’s rehabilitation from a medical or emotional issue.
  • The death or terminal illness of a person close to the family.
  • To attend a wedding or funeral of a person close to the family.
  • Where there are exceptional and unforeseen circumstances that fall outside of 1 to 4 above. 

Exceptional circumstances do NOT include taking a family holiday during term time for financial reasons.

Please note, evidence will be required in each case.

It is the decision of the Headteacher how many days a child can be away from school if leave is granted.