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Elms School

Elms School


Design and Technology at Elms is an engaging and immersive experience.  Students will make a range of products using a varied selection of tools and materials.  The workshop is well equipped with traditional hand tools, a selection of small machinery and benefits from modern CAD/CAM methods with our laser cutter. 

The ethos of the department is centred around the theme of enabling students to produce something they are proud of.  We feel that the final product is a physical manifestation of the student’s efforts, and one which they can see and feel the results of their hard work.  This ethos is aligned with the Thrive practice embedded throughout the school and serves to influence the broader nurturing of the student. 

Design and Technology is taught throughout the school, with most lessons delivered in the workshop from Middle School phase. Lower Middle School projects are wide ranging in their topics, sometimes linking with the class topic, such as the Vikings, or short stand-alone projects such as spaghetti structures.  The top two years of middle school see students tackle more complex projects such as a wooden gumball machine and laminated wooden clocks, which are completed over a number of weeks.  The projects progressively build on the knowledge skills learnt and are focused on developing the students' resilience with design and improving their accuracy through marking out and greater use of tools and machinery. 

In Upper School, the focus is on using these skills to develop practical vocational skills that will help in later life and can provide the foundations for working in the vast construction industry.  To this end, all students will complete a Level 1 introductory award in Construction.  An example of the skills covered are: painting and decorating, basic plastering, stud wall construction, repairing damaged walls, fixing to walls, basic electrical skills,  as well as more basic joinery skills.  However, the exact projects can vary dependent on the students interests and the progression route which they would like to follow.   The projects are linked to customer needs and an emphasise is made about how the work relates to a real-life scenario

As practical, creative, subject we enjoy the opportunity to showcase some of our skills and make a number of products which are available at the festive fayres throughout the year.  These products are sometimes produced in collaboration with the Art department, helping our students to see the links across the wider curriculum.  Driven by the Art department is the Multicultural Arts week where students follow a bespoke timetable of activities across all subjects.  In DT students explore products from around the world, how design has found solutions to unique challenges and how traditions impact celebratory design.


Updated 4th March 2021