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Elms School

Elms School


Welcome to Term 6

I am amazed at how well our class has engaged in their learning since coming back from lockdown!

‘I am proud of my maths’ (Dylan L who has moved up a level last term!)

I just want to read’ (Theo, Dylan P and Rhys who have all become ‘bookworms’)

Our work Term 6

This term our topic is the local area and Geography so we have the amazing opportunity right on our doorstep on Whinless Downs.  We will use their structured programme to help us learn about what affects our local environment – soil samples and how it affects what grows where, weather in our local area and many other factors


In English, we will be reading the exciting book 'Holes' and linking our work to this.


Art is focussing on safari animals and drawing skills.  We have some fun online videos to support our work and will be practising our skills to create amazing class displays.

We will be re-visiting all our key skills to consolidate our learning on this.


This term we will be looking at how religion is expressed through the arts.  This will give us lots of opportunities for the children to engage in practical activities.