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Elms School

Elms School


Welcome to P6!

In this class we love to develop our social skills and enjoy being very creative! Currently, we are enjoying our whole-class THRIVE sessions – which enable us to be both social…and creative! Additionally, we have plenty of social time in our class to establish friendships, encourage sharing and promote mutual respect in the classroom. 

However, it is not just all fun and games though. Since the beginning of the school year we have explored a wealth of knowledge and skills across a range of subject areas! Come and have a look at what we have done so far:

History: We have recently learnt about the Vicious Vikings, as well as Crime and Punishment Through Time.

Science: We have learnt about Living Things and their Habitats, Food Chains and Life Cycles, as well as Forces (including Electricity!)

RE: We have learnt about Different Beliefs About God, as well as Special Times and Celebrations.