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Elms School

Lockdown and Face Coverings

Face Coverings in School

Dear Parents and Carers

Following the government’s decision to follow a partial lockdown, please could you ensure that, if your child is in Year 7 or above, they wear a face covering on school transport. They should also wear a face covering when moving around school if possible. For pupils in the Primary phase, wearing a face covering remains optional.

If wearing a face covering would cause added anxiety to your child, please let us know and we will make an exception. However, there are many types of covering and many fabrics to choose from, so I hope the majority of pupils will wear a face covering.

School will open as usual on Monday 9th November, however, please check for updates as the situation regarding Covid-19 progresses.

Thank you for your continued support and enjoy the rest of the break.

Warmest wishes

Juli Timoney